Critter Companions and Inspire San Diego Art Studio are now a team!









Critter Companions programs and Inspire San Diego Art Studio are excited to announce our new partnership!  Now you can earn your Brownie “Pets” or Junior “Habitats” badge along with Brownie “Painting” or Junior “Drawing” your pet badge all in a one day workshop! No pet…No problem! Girl Scouts can sketch the cool animals they met in the morning! These fun and interactive programs will meet on Saturday October 24, 10:00 am – 1:30 pm (Brownies only) and meet all of the badge requirements for your Girl Scouts. Fee is $40 per child (including siblings) and includes all art materials, animal visitors, and two badges!  Space is limited, reservations are required.

The Junior program will be scheduled at a future date…let us know  you’re interested and we’ll schedule your Junior troop on the calendar!



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